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Science Center of Iowa

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Located in Des Moines, the SCIENCE CENTER OF IOWA (SCI) was a big facility with several themed areas. For information on my other science travels, click HERE.

What On Earth?

The best exhibit by far was the wildlife area. This section alone made the trip worth it for me as there were live animals native to Iowa and several unique aspects including a weather forecast station and a live giant snapping turtle tank along with several snakes. The taxidermy in the exhibit was well placed and the whole area was set up as if you were in the wild.

One of the hidden gems of the exhibit was tucked away in the back. The topography table was the best I've ever seen with a sleek design, safe pieces, and beautiful colors. Next to the table was a cave cavern. Unfortunately, the cavern cut me when I tripped on its realistic features so be careful with that one.

Brick By Brick

The Brick by Brick section had a lot to look at and experience. The earthquake simulator was fun, allowing you a limited time to build a structure to withstand a shaky foundation once the time is up. Another portion of the exhibit was the lego set and the agriculture area. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any lego building areas, but the displays were impressive and would be fun for kids.

When Things Get Moving

Another area worth remembering was the When Things Get Moving area where you can explore engineering and design with your hands by building dams, obstacle courses, and rockets. The whole section was focused on kids, but is still fun for anyone of any age and was spacious enough for families to have fun without it being too crowded.

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