My Inspiration

Growing up, I was never exposed to the sciences. It was a scary mystery to me. When I first entered college, I had an enthusiastic teacher who helped me understand how great science is. Follow this LINK to Geeky Girl Reality to learn what it's been like for me to be a woman in STEM.

I pursued the sciences further hoping to learn as much as I can about where humans come from and what EVOLUTION really is. You can find out more about my story by clicking this link to THE XYLOM, a website dedicated to sharing the personal stories of scientists to the world and by checking out my JOURNEY. I'm proud to say that my blog has been recognized by as the #1 evolution blog to follow! Click HERE for the article.

What I'm Up to


        As an NCSE science outreach FELLOW, I network with my community to bring awareness the issues of climate change and evolution. Click here to see my work with NCSE.

The goal is to bring positive experiences with the sciences and meet people where they're at in their understanding. As a graduate assistant in UCM Marketing Promotions and Advertisement, I wrote a feature on pages 14-15 for the MAGAZINE emphasizing women in STEM at UCM and their experiences studying abroad.


For more about how I've been impacting my community, click this LINK to The Muleskinner, a student issued magazine.

Find Me In The News

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