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Science Museum of Oklahoma

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Science Museum of Oklahoma (2019) Photo taken by Laurie Luckritz


The SCIENCE MUSEUM OF OKLAHOMA (SMO) was an amazing experience and perfect for families and friends! With a whole new way of examining science, the level of interaction I experienced at the SMO was unmatched thus far. For comparison, check out my visit at the DENVER MUSEUM OF NATURE & SCIENCE, and the MISSOURI INSTITUTE OF NATURAL SCIENCE. Every exhibit had a child friendly interaction that's fun for all ages where you learned about science by doing. I went with my "OK" friends, one of which (Leah) has autism and talks about her experiences through her personal BLOG!

You can borrow wheelchairs, strollers, and sensory kits with signs posted everywhere for awareness. The entire facility was designed for every kind of guest and even has a nursery. Leah made a descriptive video on her autism awareness facebook account which can be found at autieandlace. The kit gave supportive materials throughout the museum whether the areas were bright, noisy, or crowded. The parking was free and spacious.

Front Display Case (2019) Photo taken by Laurie Luckritz

The front display (shown above) had natures oddities and many of the display animals had special MUTATIONS that made them exceptionally rare.

Laminar Flow GIF (2019) created by Laurie Luckritz

The water section was interactive and you could play and learn about erosion, water flow, and pollution. There were families with bathing suits playing in the water!

They had a science show where a comedic scientist demonstrated physics and had guests join him on stage and they did several fog machine tricks while we learned about potential energy (built up) and kinetic energy (when an object is moving).

Although many of the displays were focused on engaging kids in the sciences, there were many displays and interactions that adults could have fun with too. One of the coolest exhibits were the light shows where you could jump in front of a blank wall when a light flashes and see your shadow imprinted on the wall afterwards. Whether I was learning about sound, energy, gravity or the color spectrum, I was entertained the whole way through.

Fun GIF (2019) created by Laurie Luckritz

CurioCity had a feel of "Ripley's Believe it or Not" with chairs that were overly large, a child-size amphitheater, and a human powered carousal. They had a game area where you could shoot rubber balls at targets, walk across ropes, and make shapes in the walls. You can learn about anything there whether it's physics, engineering, dinosaurs, or even meteorology!

This has definitely been the most fun learning experience at a science museum that I've had thus far. You can spend the whole day there and still have more to interact with and learn about.

Even as a college student, there's something for everyone at the Science Museum of Oklahoma! It's not far from the OKLAHOMA CITY ZOO! Another fun place that has a station where you can experience their exhibits first hand such as feeding the lorikeets!

Everyone should take the time out of their busy lives to learn something new and explore a place they haven't before! Oklahoma was a great place to visit and the science museum was the best I've been to so far! I'm looking forward to going to more science and nature centers to learn more about the world we live in.

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